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Dimensions of a UEFA Soccer Field | SportsRec

The goal line -- which runs the width of the field -- must be at least 50 yards long and no more than 100 yards long. This means that the maximum field dimensions are 130 yards by 100 yards and the minimum dimensions are 100 yards by 50 yards. International Play. For international games UEFA has a more limited range of allowable fields.

Soccer Field Dimensions: Pro - World Cup - High School ...

The dimension of a soccer field for an international game is 70-80 yards by 110 by 120 yards. This article covers all the dimensions you need to know about all aspects of soccer. For the professional games and the youth, I’ve collected all of the information from the official sources to give them to you in one place.

Football (soccer) field dimensions

A very common field dimension among the top clubs in the world is 105 × 68 metres (114.8 × 74.4 yds), since this is a recommendation from UEFA. Some famous stadiums and the dimension of their football fields:

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If a stadium is to be classified in the highest possible category by UEFA, it needs a place of exactly 105 meters in length and 68 meters wide. Both FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus Turin play on courses of this size. FOOTBALL FIELD CATEGORY. LENGTH.

What Is the International Standard Football Field Size?

UEFA, the European football regulatory body, also has its own regulations regarding the size of football fields. Therefore, in tournaments, such as the Europa League and the Champions League, the dimensions of the field should be between 100 and 105 meters in length, while the width must be between 64 and 68 meters.

Soccer Field Dimensions (Official Sizes for Youth and Adult)

While the above soccer field dimensions are correct for all adult matches, international matches have slightly stricter requirements…. FIFA states that the touch line (length) must be between 100 metres and 110 metres and the width of the pitch (width) must be between 64 metres and 75 metres.

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The width shall not be more than 80 yards (73.15M) nor less than 65 yards (59.44m) and the length shall not be more than 120 yards (109.72m) nor less than 110 yards (100.58m); however, fields of less than minimal dimensions may be used by prior written mutual consent of the competing institutions.

UEFA stadium categories - Wikipedia

Field of play: 100 to 105 m long, 64 to 68 m wide (109–115 yd × 70–74 yd) 105 m long, 68 m wide (115 yd × 74 yd) Minimum size of referee's dressing room: N/A: 20 square metres (220 sq ft) Minimum floodlighting: to suit broadcaster: 800 Eh(lux) horizontal illuminance uniformity ratios U1h >0.4 and U2h >0.5

Are Premier League Pitches The Same Size?

115 x 74 yards. Wolverhampton Wanderers. Molineux. 116 x 74 yards. As you can see, there is a fair bit of variation in pitch sizes between the 20 teams, with Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Liverpool all home to the league’s three smallest turfs.

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The breadth (goal line) must be least 45 metres (50 yds) and also maximum ninety metres (100 yds). For overseas matches official dimensions of a soccer field in the FIFA World Cup rules are relatively stricter: The length must be least 100 metres and also greatest 110 metres.